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Mother's Day Siblings Portraits

May 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

There are so many things in this life to love and appreciate, but there is one thing above everything else, to which nothing compares:  our children.  This is why I am so happy that the timing of my editing worked out to post today - Mother's Day 2015!  I did a quick shoot at my home for the Meier kids.. the shoot lasted about 15 minutes but I only needed a few to really capture their natural sibling love (try as they may to hide it!  :) ).  They have such wonderful personalities, which I think you can pretty easily see in the images.  In a few of them, my kiddos came up and photobombed us (they are all friends with each other) but because I was asked to focus on natural photos I just went with the flow (which is what I like to do, by default anyways!).  I think we all had fun, and we are just waiting for some reliable warm weather to shoot again outdoors (which is where I am most at home with my camera!).

Here are some of my favorites.. believe it or not there are tons more too :o but I am just posting my favorites!


^So good with kids.. future teacher or counselor?  :).

So just what is it she is working so intently on?

Check back for the outdoors "part 2", as well as other upcoming sessions!
Happy  Mother's Day everyone!



Jen Meier(non-registered)
We LOVE these!!!!!
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