Why Choose Christine Ann Photography?

Are you getting frustrated during your search for a photographer?  If so, I'm glad you found me!

Of course every photography business is different, and what you will get will vary greatly based on the photographer you hire, but with Christine Ann Photography there are no surprises.  My mentality and services are quite different than the average photographers'.  I do not think of these images as "mine" but rather "ours" so I give generously!

So, what do I offer, exactly?

I offer high resolution images, a print release, an online gallery with downloads (there is also ability to order a USB  through this gallery), permission to edit your images, such as changing the crop or adding an Instagram filter (kindly note I took the image and you edited it) .  I give you everything that I like and that I think you will like - my large galleries are one thing that sets me apart, I do not require IPS, however if you would like assistance ordering prints I’m happy to help.  My prices are also easy to find and are straightforward.

Read on if you would like more in-depth information about each of these qualities!

High Resolution Files Included
After our session is completed you will receive a gallery of high resolution images.  These images come with one flat fee and include all the images that I like and think you would like.  You don't have to select your favorites or miss out on ones you would like.

Print Release
All sessions come with a print release, which means you may print your high resolution images anywhere you would like to.  You also have the option to order professional prints through me if you prefer but it is not required.

Online Gallery with Downloads
After your session you will receive a link to a password-protected gallery.  From this link you can very quickly and easily download all or some of the images and the print release.  You may also order prints and/or albums through this gallery if you would like to.  If you prefer receiving the images on a disc or USB you may order this through your gallery as well.  You may share the gallery with friends and family!

Ability to Purchase RAW Files
A RAW file is the image file in its original format.  It is very large and what we photographers use to edit, after editing we convert them to JPEG and send them to you.  You  need special software and knowledge to utilize a RAW file so it's not for everyone but to those who value them, they are available for purchase!

Large Number of Images
This is one significant feature that sets me apart.  I don't limit your gallery in any way; you receive, every image that I think you would appreciate having.

No Unexpected Costs
Have you ever hired a photographer thinking it would cost $xx and then it cost $xxx by the time it was done?  It's happened to me before but I don't upsell to my customers.  My prices are upfront and all-inclusive. 

If you would like to learn more or set a date, hop on over to my contact form and send me an inquiry!