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Why Choose Christine Ann Photography?
Are you getting tired and frustrated during your search for a photographer?
If so, I'm glad you found me :).  I do things differently than everyone else!
This is a pretty long page so let me put a brief summary here for those not wanting to read through everything in detail:
What I offer:  High resolution files, ability to edit the images, 60-100 images from the session, ability to download files from online gallery, option to order a disc or usb containing images, option to order professional prints.  To sum it up:  along with your photos, you get freedom along with them.
No rules, no regulations.  These images belong to us both :).
What other photographers typically offer:  Only prints, no files (or web-sized files), 10-20 images from the session, a mandatory in-person sales to order prints, no print release (so you can only order prints through them), and strictly enforced copyright so you cannot edit or crop the images in any way.  These images belong to the photographer.
Long before I was a photographer, I was a person looking for photographers.  I remember the aggravation of looking through countless photographers' pages:  No prices listed, obscurity regarding pricing and amount of images given, no disc or usb with images, no print release, receiving 10-20 images out of hundreds, necessitating to come back for in-person sales, and offering no files (or a web-sized, watermarked file) and prints only.
I now understand why photographers do things this way (great reasons!) and - at first - I  formatted my photography business the exact same way.  After awhile I started realizing it wasn't feeling right to me and just doesn't work for me.  These images are not "my" images they are "our" images.  I want to share them with you :).
Here's a run through comparing what most photographers offer to what I offer:
What others do:  Hold a copyright on their images and if you make any edits (adding an Instagram filter, or cropping the image so that only a portion of it is showing) they are not happy.  Most will ask you to remove the image and remind you of their copyright and that the image is theirs.
What I do:  I let you edit the images however you'd like as long as you note that you edited the image and that the base image is from me (I still retain the copyright -I just give you permission to make alterations on the image).  There's probably around 1% of photographers or less that would ever release the right to alter their images.  This is virtually unheard of.  It took me a long time to come to this decision and feel comfortable and confident with it but it all comes back to that I strongly believe the images are "our" images, not just mine.  I want you to have the ability to run it through an Instagram filter or practice Photoshop with it if you'd like.  Eventually I plan to put a tab on my site showing off people's edits of my photos, so please share them with me when you do edit them!
What others do:  Offer prints only and no files.  This means after your session you will meet in person and choose which photos you'd like printed.  The only images you get from the session are the ones you order prints of, and the cost of these prints is high.  Some photographers offer a watermarked file which has been greatly reduced in size and quality to share on the internet but they are degraded so that you can't even print a 4x6 with it.  The web-sized files are watermarked 99% of the time.
What I do  (part 1):  I greatly value prints .. but I also greatly value files.  My dad and stepmom live in England.  My brother lives in California.  My mom and stepdad live 6 hours away etc.  Sharing my session online is greatly important to me.  My dad in England will likely never see my 20x30 family portrait hanging on my wall.  While I want that 20x30 on my wall, I also want my family and friends who live hours away to see it online.  I offer high resolution files as well ability to print through a professional printing lab with every session.
What I do (part 2):  I offer RAW files at an additional fee for people who are really serious about photography and editing (RAWs are the original, unedited/untouched, highest resolution form of the image).  Offering RAWs is another thing no one else really does.
What others do:   You walk away with what the photographer believes to be the top 10-20 images.  I'm sure you've wondered where the rest of those 400+ images they took went?
What I do:  I do offer the option to walk away with 10-20 for a lower cost however also offer to let you  order all the images that I think you will appreciate (most people choose this option and usually receive around 70-100 images for an hour of shooting - noting some of this number are the same image in color and black and white).  Choosing the images to give is the hardest of the session process for me so it's actually easier for me to just give you everything :) (however if you do want the 10 or 15, I put them all in a gallery and you can choose your favorite ones to order from there).
What others do:  After the session you will meet in person to choose which images you'd like to order
What I do:  I give you an online gallery where you can order prints and download your images.  I can also send a cd or USB for a small additional fee.  If you would like to meet in person, I am more than happy to do this - I actually prefer this as it gives you a chance to see and experience the professional products I offer and I can assist you in what to order - however it is not required!

As you can see I do things very differently (there are many other things I could add but these are the biggest differences).  I incorporated the things I want as a consumer as well as what I most see people asking for and wondering about.  There are good reasons photographers format their business the way they do (feel free to ask me if you are curious!) and I don't think their systems are wrong or bad at all, they just didn't work for me.  You will find most photographers run their business the way I described but if you want something different and innovative, which offers you a lot more for a lower price than is typical