Why Choose Christine Ann Photography?


Are you getting tired and frustrated during your search for a photographer?

If so, I'm glad you found me :).  I do things differently than everyone else!


What I offer:  High resolution files, 20+ images per hour for a session (more for a wedding), ability to download high resolution files from an online gallery, ability to edit the images (Instagram filter, different crop, etc), upfront pricing (no hidden costs), option to order a disc or usb containing images, option to order professional prints.  I also have the RAW files available for purchase.

To sum it up:  along with your photos, you get freedom along with them.

No rules, no regulations.  These images belong to us both :).




Long before I was a photographer, I was a person looking for photographers.  I remember the aggravation of looking through countless photographers' pages:  No prices listed, obscurity regarding pricing and amount of images given, no disc or usb with images, no print release, receiving a few images out of hundreds, necessitating coming back for in-person sales, and offering no files (or a web-sized, watermarked file) and prints only.


I now understand why photographers do things this way (there are great reasons!) and - at first - I  formatted my photography business the exact same way.  After awhile I started realizing it just doesn't work for me.  These images are not my images they are our images.

If everything sounds good to you then send me a message to work out a date and time and contact me!