A couple months ago I had the pleasure of doing a shoot for my dear friend and her daughter.  Her husband wasn't able to make it but we had fun doing a little "Mommy and Me" type shoot.  Her daughter is such a sweetheart and so fun!
Thanks for bearing with me on my late postings.  It is odd to post fall photos when it is snowing outside.  I have a few more sessions, yet, so there is more fall fun to come :).  Everyone has their images already; thankfully I have managed to keep up with all that.. I've just been lagging with posting and doing the "extra" stuff.  Anyway.. cute toddler girl photos commence... now!

I absolutely love taking portraits (photos where there is only one subject).  That is where my photography passion really is, I've been noticing.  I love all forms of photography, though, but something about portraits is just so captivating.  It helps a lot when your "subject" is an adorable, curious toddler!  Anyway we had a lot of fun running around Hartley Nature Center for this shoot and soaking up one of the last very nice days of fall!