December is a magical time in Duluth MN not only because it is - quite literally - a winter wonderland, but also because we are home to "America's largest free walk-through lighting display" - Bentleyville Tour of Lights!

We went to enjoy the experience last year (December 2014) and it dawned on me I should share the images and experience for those who came and those who are thinking of coming.  This is such a cool place to take photographs with all the beautiful lights everywhere.. if you are outside the area considering coming to this event I encourage you to do so.. it is incredibly memorable and fun, and it doesn't cost a penny.  Along the way you can pick up popcorn, hot chocolate, marshmellows, visits to Santa and his elves, and a patch of ice to "ice skate" on (keeping your shoes on) - all free of charge!  There are different sections of lights, including "Dinosaur Land" (all dinosaur-shaped lights) and it is right next to North Shore and you have a great view of the infamous Aerial Lift Bridge - if you hang out long enough you are likely to see it lift to let a boat or two through!  We caught a boat while there (pictured below).. it is pretty cool to watch!  We also got a unique experience and perspective by going under the "big tree".

^Approaching the lights display.
^Bentleyville Tour of Lights 2014
^We got a very unique and awesome view under the tree!
^View from under the tree.
^Under the tree, looking out.
^The tree!

^Roasting marshmellows
^My mom and stepdad
^My brother and his girlfriend
^The fam!

Bentleyville is a really fun and beautiful experience, so be sure to make your way out sometime!  Pack lots of warm gear :D!