The session is over.. now what?

Once the session is over I bring the files home, go through and pick the best ones, and begin to edit them.  This can take up to 2 weeks to complete, although I try to do it faster.  Once the photos are edited, I place them in an online gallery through my website and send you a password-protected custom link to your gallery.  You may preview your photos here, share the link with friends and family (you need to give the password with the link) and you - and anyone with the link - can order prints and albums through my professional lab.

Print orders are immediately submitted.  Prints are generally received within about a week and albums can take up to around 2 weeks.  I do give a print release with every session, however every lab is different and will produce different results.  My monitor is calibrated with my lab, and I can only guarantee quality and accuracy from my lab.

Galleries will only be active for 2 weeks and then they will expire!