Years ago, my husband and I became parents and decided to invest into a DSLR hoping to get the occasional nice photos of our kids.  Once the camera hit my hands I couldn't stop wanting to learn more about it - how to eliminate motion blur, why photos sometimes look grainy or tinted orange, what makes the background blurry etc.  Over the years, my natural curiosity led to countless hours of research and education  and tens of thousands of photos for practice (especially on those 4 little cuties you see above!).
I have always been a consumer for professional photography and I have always gotten very frustrated by the difficulties of finding a professional photographer and by the restrictions on the photos.  In my early years, I decided that when I someday started my business I would do things differently.  Now that that day is [excitedly!] here, I am staying true to that sentiment.  I believe these images are not "mine" they are "ours".  I give you freedom with our photos that you won't find elsewhere.  If you want to read about what, exactly, makes my photography business different than everyone elses' click here.
In 5 short years, your 5 year old will be 10 and your 15 year old will be 20.  Time is always changing and now is already in the past.  This is why I love photography so passionately - here and now feels eternal but it is fleeting, and it will go by faster than you think.  Photographs helps us remember a time and a place that we think we will always remember, but in a mere few years, it will be unexpectedly muddled.  You will be so grateful you took the time to get professional photography as the years carry on!
Contact me today to set up a session before more time flies by and suddenly your 5 year old turns 6.. and then 7.. and then 8.  I feel passionate about it, because I speak from the experience of being someone who chose not to hire a photographer here and there and regret it now.  Since getting married to my husband, we've lived in 6 different residences (my husband works for the US Air Force, but happily, we are set to be here in the southern Illinois area until at least retirement) and the longer amount of time that passes, the more of a blur it becomes!  I've become passionate about doing at least one photo session and one photo album every year.  If you can relate, let's get started :)!

Photo by LaciJane Photography