Visiting Wisconsin

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My brother and I have always been very close.. we are about 11 months apart in age and, growing up, people always mistook us for twins.  We have ended up in pretty different parts of the country - I am in the freezing but beautiful Hermantown MN, and he is in the warm and busy state of California.  When he found out our family wasn't going to be traveling to SD (our "home base") for Christmas (medical reasons), he rented a car to drive from SD to MN to hang out with us for a few days.. then he turned around and drove all the way back to catch his flight.  He came with his girlfriend and while they were here they wanted to knock Wisconsin off their "places I've been" map, and see Lake Superior and, since it is a mere twenty minute drive from here, we ventured out and I took a few photographs of them on a little (terrifying) walk-out bridge we found in Wisconsin.  Here are a few from our four minute session!  :).

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They handled the bitter Duluth coldness quite well.. these are not temperatures they're used to.  I am happy to report that we will be returning the visit this summer - we booked some tickets to fly over to California!  I have traveled internationally three times, yet I have never been outside the "Midwest bubble" within the United States.. I am excited to explore the US a bit more and to see my brother!


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