South Dakota Family Country Session

February 03, 2015  •  10 Comments

During my visit to South Dakota I was able to get together with some good friends, the Johnsons, and their darling children and take some photos in the middle of.. well, nowhere, basically :).  It was a fun, new place to take photos - despite the bugs - and it has left me wishing I had an open countryside farm at which to take photos!  One of my favorite parts (and I'm sure the kids' too) was.. DUCKS.. lots of them.. and cats.. ducks and cats everywhere.  What a fun place for this family to live and for photographers to take photos.
About two years ago I  took some family photos for the Johnsons - you can see those here {Johnson Family Session 2013} - and it's been so fun  documenting their kids getting older!  What's really cool is we completely replicated one of the poses from that session.. I told them we must keep doing the same pose over the years :) (the pose is the third box down on the 2013 link which, looking at it, it seems all the vertical ones are not loading, I'm not sure if it's my computer or the site - I'll look into it but I hope it works for you guys - and the fifth one down on this page).  Anyway these are all my favorites from the get together.. amazing how much you can get get out of just 40 minutes (that's how long we decided to tolerate the bugs)!  Apologies for not keeping up with my blog lately.. I have a lot of photos I've been excited to share including some from Bentlyville (even some from under the tree!) and have two weddings to share yet as well.. check back to see more over the next few months <3.

This is the photo with the similar pose to the 2013 session.


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Jenny O(non-registered)
Wonderful family photos...just love the kids chasing the ducks! They are a part of the family too.
Christine D(non-registered)
This may be in the middle of nowhere, but this location is pure country! I love the portrait of them kissing in front of the red barn and the last one with the pretty colored sunset sky. And the photos with the ducks just scream childhood joy!
Deanna Woodworth(non-registered)
What a sweet photo session!
Taking family portraits around your home and as in this case, on the farm is really special. To think of all the wonderful memories that were captured is quite touching. The barn, ducks and connection to each other make these images to be treasured forever!
Absolutley Stunning Family session, these locations are amazing and the light was spot on! You are so creative when it comes to posing, I love all the family expressions! Beautiful work!!
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